Newcastle Music Collective was formed by 5 young members who graduated Advanced Diploma of Music Business at Newcastle Tighes Hill TAFE mid 2016 with aspirations of making positive contributions to the Australian music scene and creating opportunities for artists to pursue their passion with ease and professionalism.

Progress hasn’t stopped since.

Two original members are continuing NMC: Ben Campbell and Alex McWhirter.

Ben has been putting on events ranging from DIY house shows to sold out album launches and tours for 3 years and has ample experience in working with artists to create and curate an event that pleases all. He has previously managed and arranged tours for: Vacations, Space Carbonara, DYER MAKER, Talakai, PALS, Raave Tapes and is working on several others as well as managing merchandise and PR.

Alex has been playing and organising shows since high school and has a solid background of entertainment experience. Alex is found behind the mixing desk commonly and is competent in DIY filmmaking and production.