Dyer Maker are a 5 piece psychedelic dub/ reggae infused rock band from Newcastle, Australia. Having formed in early 2016 the band released their first Ep titled ‘Moonshine Divine’ receiving solid traction on local radio and online.

Dyer are regulars at Newcastle and East Coast venues with an entrancing live show and have recently teamed up with Newcastle Music Collective to take their live shows and music around Australia.


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India and the Journey to the East


Budding Newcastle singer/ songwriter, India, has recently joined forces in 2018 with Anton Buckingham ( SHRIMP ), Alex McWhirter ( Newcastle Music Collective ) and Cam Brownell ( Byren ) to form India & the Journey to the East, a dynamic twist of her original folk songs. India & the Journey to the East released their first single, ‘Abundantina’, May 2018 with positive feedback and a growing fanbase ever since. Their live show is a magnetic performance covering intimate issues. IATJTTE are booked to head back into the studio this October to follow up with an additional two singles.

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One of the most dynamic and expressive bands to emerge from Newcastle, Byren, are a 4 piece that have created a fan base that is always left in awe. Their sound is a unique blend of layered song writing and raw musicianship delivered with passion. Songs from Byren’s solo album ‘In Solitude, Least Alone’ are currently being re-recorded live in studio to capture the evolution of his music, from its intimate acoustic origins to the vibrant, present day line up of electric guitar, viola, bass, vocal harmonies and percussion.


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Pronounced “DIP – PLA – ZAR”, this four-piece band originating from Newcastle are known for their music that knows no boundaries.
Band mates, Trent Pepper ( lead vocals, guitar ), Oscar Sloan ( lead guitar, vocals ), Jacob Lutton ( drums ) and Sam Madden ( bass, vocals ) are responsible for creating the unique sonic experience over the past two years that is Diplazar.



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